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We feel there is a case for an overweight position for longer-term holders, but investors should consider including more economically sensitive positions in portfolios to protect against sector rotation.
Wall Street professionals have used sector rotation for decades, but with the proliferation of inexpensive online research and brokerage accounts, it's possible for do-it-yourselfers to follow suit; however, it demands that investors be particularly proactive in monitoring their investments.
H0a: It is not possible to earn an excess risk-adjusted rate of return on stocks with a sector rotation strategy based on industry momentum.
There's definitely the beginning of a sector rotation going on that could become violent, given the relative valuations,'' said Rosanne Cahn, equity economist at CS First Boston.
NEW YORK -- The Rockledge Group, an investment management firm specializing in Alternative Strategies and Sector Investing, today announced that its L2 Sector Rotation Strategy is now available to financial advisors on major RIA custodial platforms through the Placemark UMA Marketplace[R] Platform.
David Cumming at Standard Life Investments, for example, attempted to take advantage of sector rotation and rapid changes in sentiment in July/August and added to existing positions in Barclays, Lloyds and RBS.
Profits were taken on some of the more cyclical areas of the market with investors turning increasingly in favour of defensive stocks, in what looked to be the initial stages of a sector rotation.
Eoe1/4EoLooking forward, the managersEoe1/4ao view is that the market will be led more by fundamentals and earnings as opposed to flows or sector rotation,Eoe1/4Y said Demartini.