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In terms of sectoral earnings growth, only two sectors experienced an increase, while the remaining four recorded either a loss or a decline in their profits.
The objective of the meeting is to learn about the best practices to incorporate sectoral statistics into the national statistical system in order to produce quality and timely data in accordance with internationally recognized definitions and classifications; and to agree on a sustainable mechanism for data production of secrtoral statistics and ensure smooth flow of data to various users to assist them in formulating the national development.
In such a situation, implementing sectoral regulation implies that market failures have been identified which prevent the competitive market from operating freely.
Combined inputs declined, but there was an increase in sectoral output, the first such increase in 3 years.
The main value of the project will come from the business-to-business sectoral discussions.
The decrease in temporary layoffs compared to other layoffs during the last recession is consistent with the idea of increased sectoral reallocation.
It is important to note that sectoral reallocation is not new, nor in the long run is it a bad thing.
Muto signed GUAM-Japan Cooperation Program focused primarily on the economic development of GUAM member states and the elaboration of specific sectoral projects.
Muscat, Sept 14 (ONA) The two-day seminar on developing the role of the sectoral committee from a social perspective, organized by the Ministry of Manpower in collaboration with International Labor Organization (ILO) was opened at the College of Tourism today under the auspices of Hamad bin Khamis al- A'mri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Manpower for Labor Affairs.
To define the sectoral expenditures in the medium term, the Finance Ministry has primarily taken into account the priorities identified in the National Sustainable Development Strategy for 2013-2017, as well as the arguments of sectoral programs.
The committee, also chaired by the Prime Minister, discussed plans for the next ten years presented by the 17th sectoral sub-committees about challenges faced by various economic sectors and the opportunities available.
ISLAMABAD -- Plan is under consideration to supply water from Tarbella Dam Reservoir in order to meet the present and future requirements of Sectoral area of Islamabad, ICT and Rawalpindi.