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5 years) for 10-15 years and a significant secular trend in menarche, with an average decline of 0.
Secular trend means that the general population is changing over time and that, not only can be noticed, but it can be measured as well.
19 per month beyond the secular trend, depending on time from implementation (Table 3).
But the secular trend toward retirement income is coming into sight, and it is one more straw in the wind as to the growing relevance of insurance in the asset management space.
Traditionally, secular trend estimates are obtained from repetitive cross-sectional studies.
An expert panel, convened to analyze puberty timing data from 1940 to 1994, (10) evaluated the data for a secular trend (defined as a change in the distribution of an outcome in a population during a specified time frame).
Incidence of hip fracture over a 10-year period (19912000): Reversal of a secular trend.
Were it incontrovertibly the case that a secular trend toward earlier puberty were rendering the question of a high tessitura for the ten to fourteen age group increasingly obsolete or anachronistic, the position would be interesting.
The competition between the two factors has polarised the Iraqi society, with the secular trend having emerged stronger than the sectarian groups (see Part 46 in fap4IrqPolarisdApr19-10).
Although secular trend data on the national breast cancer incidence can help generate hypotheses, they cannot explain the trends.