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Unlike most researchers dealing with performance measurement, Rennie and Cowhey do not test for consistent superior performance, but, in a case setting, decompose the actual return less benchmark return for three managers into market timing, industry exposure, sector emphasis, security selection, and unreconciled return components.
Do we understand the drivers of our current over- or underperformance at security selection level?
It is expected that the independent hedging will help the investment returns be more reflective of the portfolio manager's investment process, philosophy and security selection.
Security selection of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) also contributed to results, as our preference for lower- quality investment grade securities was rewarded.
Actively managed by a core plus team consisting of Mike Collins, Richard Piccirillo and Robert Tipp using a collaborative fundamental, bottom-up, research-based sub-sector and security selection process, the company said the managers also run the USD2.
Two Harbors Investment focuses on security selection and implements a relative value investment approach across various sectors within the residential mortgage market.
Eisaman, Chartered Financial Analyst, Principal and Chief Investment Officer: Eisaman is responsible for portfolio management, research, security selection and investment planning at Ayers Capital, and currently serves the same role at InterOcean Capital.
equity and fixed income portfolio management, and its experienced team of senior portfolio managers utilizes a highly collaborative approach to construct portfolios based on fundamental analysis and bottom-up security selection in all major market sectors.
JPMorgan Asset Management's New York High Yield strategy utilizes a fundamental, bottom-up research process with a disciplined security selection process which seeks to consistently generate superior risk-adjusted returns.
Seeks To Beat Inflation Over Long Term with Lower Volatility Through Individual Security Selection and Actively Adjusting Market and Currency Exposures
The Select Multi-Asset Pool brings a new dimension to the Program's investment options, providing additional diversification and active security selection strategies to donor accounts focused on long-term charitable plans.
While timing and security selection may also affect returns, how investors allocate their assets may be the single most important investment decision they'll ever make," he said.

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