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Crockford RH, Willett IR (1997) The magnetic properties of a stratigraphic section of a sedimentary soil in New South Wales, Australia.
Similar relationships between particle size and magnetic properties were found by Crockford and Olley (1998) in a sedimentary soil near Wagga, in the Murrumbidgee catchment, NSW, and by Crockford and Fleming (1998) in river sediments of sedimentary origin.
This is evident more on the north and east-facing slopes and in the sedimentary soil accumulation in the valleys.
It is important to note that the sites here referred to as "sedimentary caatingas" are plant communities generally located on oligotrophic sedimentary soils such as quartzarenic neosols and latosols (Velloso et al., 2002; Marques et al., 2014) while both in Chapada Diamantina and northern Minas Gerais there are eutrophic soils derived from calcareous areas (Amida et al., 2013).