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Simple seduction is defined as 'seduction of a minor of good reputation 16 years but under 18 years of age, committed by means of deceit."
The promise need not be made or renewed at the time of the commission of the offense, it being sufficient that there has been such previous promise in consideration of which the seduction was accomplished.
Boss Martin Nolan said: "It is fascinating to see his crime listed as 'seduction'.
Although the word "seduction" carries explicit sexual connotations in contemporary discourse, earlier definitions stress other meanings.
Manganiyar Seduction at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre on Friday, November 7, will be the show's second outing in the UAE after 2011.
"Secrets & Seduction" has received several 5-star reviews and is the underground hit of 2014.
But then she discovered the art of seduction, and everything changed.
TV writer MARION MCMULLENFINDS out about seduction, shopping and the Sopranos AMERICAN TV hit The Sopranos is Warwickshire writer Andrew Davies' favourite show and he says there are parallels in his new television blockbuster Mr Selfridge.
Muscat: A theatrical performance should be an experience unlike any other, something different from day to day life, says Roysten Abel, director of The Manganiyar Seduction, who hopes audiences at the Royal Opera House Muscat will discover exactly that this weekend.
This subtle interaction between the secular ascetic practices and the hedonistic promises of modern self-help is central to one of self-help's major branches: the Seduction Community.
16 -- Hotel Sahara Star gears up to host India's biggest new bash - SEDUCTION 2012.