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The authorities now recommend that people in Germany should not eat raw bean and seed sprouts of any origin.
They recommend withdrawal from the market of all food products from a farm in Lower Saxony, where the implicated bean and seed sprouts originated.
So far, there is no evidence that bean and seed sprouts from the farm have been exported beyond Germany.
Despite the popular perception of sprouts as health food, alfalfa and other varieties of raw seed sprouts are common vehicles for produce-associated bacterial foodborne illness.
This finding suggests that seed disinfection does reduce the risk for human disease posed by seed sprouts.
Nevertheless, both outbreaks amply demonstrate that disinfection is an imperfect remedy for the problem of contaminated seed sprouts.
In the last decade, multiple outbreaks linked to raw seed sprouts have occurred in countries throughout the world (Table 1).
Reported outbreaks of illness associated with seed sprouts, 1973-1998
Seed sprouts have been implicated as vehicles of transmission in outbreaks of foodborne illness (Table 1).