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However, the crystal still showed dislocations parallel to the c face that stemmed from dislocations in the seed crystal.
In the presence of a metal catalyst, such as nickel, and a diamond seed crystal, the CVD material dissolves into the catalyst and recrystallizes into gem-quality diamonds as big as pencil erasers.
A second, narrower rod acting as a seed crystal is dipped into the molten material, then slowly withdrawn at a rate of 1.
A tiny calcium-oxalate crystal, formed in the kidney from a chemical reaction between excreted calcium and oxalic acid (a component of such foods as spinach, rhubarb, celery and nuts), serves as the seed crystal around which a stone can develop in a high-sugar urine.
Contract awarded for Chooe seed crystal toilet repair and other design services two schools
Contract awarded for 2 seed crystal chooe school year 2014 school bus (charter buses) rental services
Two processes are used internationally to produce these wafers, the standard being the Czochralski method, whereby silicon chunks are melted and a monocrystalline silicon ingot is pulled from the melt by means of a seed crystal.
The bride's shoulder-length veil was trimmed in Alencon French lace with seed crystals.