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In the actual production, the germination rate and uniformity of large-leaved gentian seeds can be improved by gibberellins seed dressing method at first and then sowing, so as to shorten the germination cycle.
Table-3: Calculation of different seed dressing fungicides effects on seed germination of wheat crop in district Bhimber, Azad Kashmir.
Key words: Chemical regulation, seed dressing, maize lodging, growth and development.
Although various non-fumigant and seed dressing fungicides are available in the market for the control of the disease, they are expensive, toxic and their effectiveness is questionable probably due to multiple genera and species of root rot pathogens that occur simultaneously, and biodegradation after continued use [5, 6].
Mozzarella & orange salad with coriander seed dressing
They are applied either by spraying or, more commonly, are used as a seed dressing which is absorbed with germination and growth so that the insecticidal properties permeate the plant throughout its lifetime.
Soft goat's cheese and beetroot salad with honey and poppy seed dressing Serves four Ingredients * 75g (3oz) goat's cheese * 300g (10 oz) cooked beetroot * Selection of kitchen garden leaves and shoots as available to taste Method Whisk all the dressing ingredients together.
The agreement has been signed for the exclusive license of the active ingredient, kiralaxyl, for seed dressing applications globally.
Mary, 49, the cook at St Mark's Elm Tree Primary School, cooked up an oriental stir fry - shredded beef served with soft noodles and green salad with poppy seed dressing - followed by home-grown apple crunch served with home-made banana ice cream.
PREPARING a gourmet meal of Beef Wellington, Alaskan King Crab, garlic pure6 potatoes, bacon-wrapped asparagus, a seasonal fruit salad with raspberry and poppy seed dressing and a molten lava cake is something Sgt.
Common examples include mayonnaise, vinaigrette, blue cheese dressing, poppy seed dressing, and boiled dressing.