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Seedling weight and length vigor indices in each treatment were calculated using following equations, as suggested by ABDUL-BAKI & ANDERSON (1973): SLVI = [seedling length (cm) x seed germination (%)] and SWVI = [seedling dry weight (mg) x seed germination (%)].
Removal of the pericarps increased seed germination (Figure 5B, [beta] = 2.97 [+ or -] 0.77, z = 3.85, p<0.001).
The current investigation was aimed to develop feasible methods for in vitro seed germination and callus formation in black cumin.
It was observed that seed germination was not affected regardless of the technique used to remove aryl (Table 1).
Effect of temperature on physiological variables: Seed germination rates were high in all alternating temperatures and in both seed lots, with GP values close to 100 % (Table 2).
Although seed germination rate is a suitable indicator to evaluate soil fertility, heavy metal concentration in test plants should be considered to ensure food safety.
Importantly, seed germination speed is slow and germination rate is only 20% every year (Niu et al., 2014).
The seed germination study was conducted to check the effect of water on seed germination.
Therefore, the present study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of salinity on seed germination in 5 genotypes of Algerian cowpea and further to assess their genotypic variation.
being minute and containing very little to no nutrient reserve for seed germination (Arditti & Ghani, 2000), orchid seed germination and seedling development are dependent on association of appropriate mycorrhizal fungi as a carbon source.