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The seed was exposed in the seed germination chambers to alternating temperatures 25/15degC [25degC during 8 h in light (1250 lux) and 15degC during 16 hours in the dark].
Under the dark condition for seed germination was set: the dish with wrapping black paper put in the dark and constant temperature environment for sprouting, repeated for three times according to the above conditions.
The seed germination study was conducted to check the effect of water on seed germination.
For the salinity treatments (Figure 1), seed germination showed three effects of increasing salinity in the germination medium.
For 25[degrees]C, higher seed germination is observed until 6 days of storage, for seeds stored inside the fruit (Table 4), where can be observed better germination rates at 25 and 30[degrees]C, and the seeds can be stored up tol 6 days.
Previous field studies have shown that the rate of natural seed germination is very low and natural recruitment through seed is rare under natural conditions (Yang, 2009).
Water extracts of sorghum plant parts considerably suppressed seed germination and seedling growth of Amaranthus retroflexus [17], Echinochloa colonum [18], Phalaris minor, Chenopodium album, Senebiera didyma, Cyperus rotundus and Rumex dentatus [19].
Considering the data of final germination percentage and the speed of this process, it is inferred that temperatures between 25 and 30 [degrees]C can be considered as optimal for the conduction of the test of seed germination and production of P.
Seed germination trials: To assess the effect of storage temperature and time on germination of O.
Among the factors affecting germination, temperature plays a key role, as it determines the capacity and rate of seed germination (ZAMITH et al.