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Care for your plants according to the directions on your seed packet.
Now put your seeds in the open end of your seed packet, then repeat the fold to close the packet.
So that means that with today's paper you can already claim two free seed packets.
Don't start sowing or planting everything just because March heralds spring, no matter what it says on the seed packet.
As the outdoor sowing season starts for flowers and vegetables, note the directions on the seed packet as to sowing time, depth and spacing.
Did the seed packet identifying your yummy corn disintegrate before harvest?
Next open your seed packet and space sow your seed.
In order to get the best results from seeds, Harris advises paying careful attention to the information on the back of each seed packet.
IT'S easy to get your hands on the seeds - collect one token per seed packet you want from the Sunday Mirror or Daily Mirror then just pay postage.
If you are struggling, the letters HA for Hardy Annual on the seed packet are the giveaway.
This applies to most tomatoes ( those described on the seed packet or plant label as "indeterminate".