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seed--a ripened ovule, which consists of an embryo, stored food reserves, and a seedcoat or covering.
Reported data include algae (Betryococcos braunii, Dunaliellu ferriolecta, Microcystis viridis); oriental beech and spruce, ailanthus, northern poplar, birch, and oak, reed (Phragmites australis), tea waste, wheat and rye straw, corncob, olive husk, hazelnut shells, hazelnut seedcoat, corn stover, tobacco stalk, tobacco leaves, sunflower stalk, unhusked rice, wastes from oil-palm, cotton, and banana plantations, Cunninghamia lanceolata, polysaccharides, Verbascum stalk, cotton plant and cotton gin, proteins, garbage, sugar cane bagasse, pine and spruce needles, and many others [2, 23-42].
Chemical and morphological expression of the B and Asp seedcoat genes in Phaseolus vulgaris.
Punctuating this radiant waste was the durable mesquite, a squat pretender to treeness, which grazing animals had brought up from Mexico (for the lucky-duck :mesquite seed passes through the digestive tract of, say, a longhorn not only unharmed but with its seedcoat strategically scarified by gastric juices; thus upon its evacuation from a beast it is fertilized, watered and in all ways at home).
Forest Service, the following two preplanting treatments for mimosa seeds are given: Scarify (scar the seedcoat with a file), then soak seed in sulfuric acid for 15 minutes - be careful, this stuff burns
It consists of a polymeric substrate with a thin metal tiecoat, copper seedcoat and a layer of electrodeposited copper on both sides.
USTER(r)AFIS PRO 2 puts spinners in control of their raw material, providing detailed test data on neps, seedcoat neps, short fiber content, fineness, maturity, trash and dust - all critical yarn quality parameters.
Classical and molecular genetic studies of the strong greenish yellow seedcoat color in 'Wagenaar' and 'Enola' common bean.
Seedcoat colors associated with physiological changes in alfalfa and crimson and white clovers.
The large seed size and lack of seedcoat mottling of Mason are features that should appeal to markets in the USA and internationally.