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In other words, the smaller the economy the less likely is the prospect of a currency board giving rise to the seigniorage problem.
Next, figure revenue gains from seigniorage. Given that 75 percent of the one-dollar notes would be replaced by one-dollar coins according to a ratio of one to two, the cost savings calculated above omit the seigniorage revenue that would be generated by the 75 additional coins.
Reconstruction of monetary control and discipline, protection of domestic banks and seigniorage are particularly sensitive issues during economic transition.
Additionally, seigniorage signals that the state's control of money and the state's control of public revenue and expenditure cannot be separated, and public finance is an intensely political process.
A dollarizing country would give up its seigniorage revenues, which would accrue instead to the U.S.
(2) it follows that the real government debt can be reduced in three different ways: (i) through a reduction of the real primary deficit; (ii) through the capital gain that government receives if the actual inflation rate exceeds the inflation premium in the interest rate; and (iii) through creation of seigniorage.
Third, it could also be that monetary growth provides revenue from seigniorage. The latter issue will be discussed in the next section of this paper when we highlight some of the general characteristics of the monetary authorities in LDCs.
Terra uses seigniorage created by its minting operations as transaction stimulus, thereby facilitating adoption.
There is in addition the use of seigniorage, essentially a system where the pound continues to be used on the basis of a "fee" to the Bank of England.
They will also be tempted to issue extra Libra to earn seigniorage in the same way that central banks do on the national currencies they issue.
And, seigniorage puts them in the fiscal-allocative efficiency cell.
Contract notice: recruitment of a technical controller for the rehabilitation of the short term seigniorage courts reference number: