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SEIGNIORY, Eng. law. The rights of a lord as such, in lands. Swinb. 174.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The construction of the fortress at the seigniory began in 1241 and in 1261 control of the fortress, the city and the fief of Arsuf (Arsur) was handed over to the Knights Hospitaller.
"The Tragedy of the Seigniory" commences with a description of the house called "by courtesy, the Seigniory," and of its whereabouts on the outskirts of Viger (69).
In fact, the officers did not differ from the prevailing religious, devotional and artistic patterns of the traditional dominant class, though the old nobles still wanted to be buried in the parish church of their own seigniory, which was still their main power base.
The other, the seneschal, was principal judge, chief of police, and administrative head, making him the most important person on the seigniory after the lord.
Kristmanson would likely admit that his Gouzenko hypothesis is far from empirically proven (a vanisbing guest book from the Seigniory Club in Montebello and an allegedly symbolic reference to Lord Beaverbrook's chickens in a letter from Churchill to his wife seem to be the flimsiest points), but such speculation has polemical value.
The care taken in producing this volume at every step is evident not only in the annotations but also in the fact that, in 758 pages, I noted only six errors: a missing end quote on page 269; "between you and he" (for "between you and him"), page 413; a slight inconsistency in the translation of "Non" to "no" or "non" in English on pages 148-49, "Non," pages 490-91 and "no," pages 648-49; "[sees]" for "vide" (496-97); "seignory" (641) for "seigniory" (507, etc.); and "Brius" (401) for "Breus" (everywhere else).
Calibration of the Cd and Pb analysis was continually checked using certified standard samples (Seigniory Chemical Products #SC 5213151-Cd; #SC 5305430-Pb).