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EPILEPSY, med. jur. A disease of the brain, which occurs in paroxysms, with uncertain intervals between them.
     2. These paroxysms are characterized by the loss of sensation, and convulsive motions of the muscles. When long continued and violent, this disease is very apt to end in dementia. (q.v.) It gradually destroys the memory, and impairs the intellect, and is one of the causes of an unsound mind. 8 Ves. 87. Vide Dig. 50, 16, 123; Id. 21, 1, 4, 5.

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Living Proof will also provide personal accounts from family members and friends who are helping loved ones impacted by seizure disorders to live fuller, healthier lives.
In the instant matter, no evidence had been proffered that a positive test finding that defendant suffers from abnormal brain activity or a seizure disorder, would constitute a mental disease or defect or that such could affect defendant's ability to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct or conform his conduct to the dictates of law," Judge Tucker said in his five-page decision.
These included disease of the central or peripheral nervous system, seizure disorders, or myopathies.
Phenobarbital still has its important uses in the treatment of pregnant women with seizure disorders, and any woman whose physician has prescribed the drug should not suddenly stop taking it without consulting the doctor.
We have seen firsthand how important the LGS Foundation can be for these families, and are proud to offer the Lundbeck Scholarship to this year's conference as part of our ongoing commitment to address the needs of people with challenging seizure disorders.
today announced the launch of Magnolia(TM) Paws for Compassion(TM), a new program created to raise awareness of the beneficial impact that animals can have on people living with epilepsy and seizure disorders.
Cognitive impairment, challenging behaviors, gait dysfunction, and seizure disorders are common due to dysfunction of the developing brain.
A febrile seizure is a brief, fever-related convulsion but it does not lead to epilepsy or seizure disorders, researchers explained.
PITTSBURGH -- Treatment-limiting adverse events occurred in more than 30% of patients who received a vagus nerve stimulator for the treatment of seizure disorders, Dr.
Brodie (Epilepsy Unit, Western Infirmary, UK) adds new and revised material to incorporate advances in the field since 2001, in this succinct handbook for clinicians treating seizure disorders.