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Clinical application of modified seldinger technique in PICC under non-ultrasound guidance.
Seldinger technique for insertion of a nasogastric tube.
Various methods have been described for inserting arterial catheters, including direct cannulation with an over the needle approach, a modified seldinger technique, the liquid stylet technique2, a pressure curve-directed technique3, use of an ultrasound stethoscope blood flow detector4, Doppler assisted radial artery cannulation5.
3) Avoid adopting the Seldinger technique to insert the drain if the pleural fluid cannot be aspirated freely.
The Seldinger technique involves introducing a catheter into a vein or artery after the vessel is located with a special needle, which contains a wire.
The 4Fr Nanopuncture POWERWAND is, like the previously FDA-cleared 5Fr version, a power-injectable, peripheral IV catheter that is inserted using the proprietary Accelerated Seldinger Technique.
Tenders are invited for Arterial Canula 20G, Transparent And Xro Catheter With Seldinger Technique Having Antikink Collar Size 20G, 8 Cm .
Central venous cannulation became popular during 1970s when widespread application of total parenteral nutrition popularised subclavian vein cannula placement, the Seldinger technique and J-tip guidewire made central venous cannulation through the external jugular vein practical and the balloon-tipped pulmonary artery catheter was introduced and accepted.
Arterial injury is not uncommon during the procedure but is potentially devastating in spite of the safety and advantages of the Seldinger technique.
Angiography for the abdominal aorta was conducted with the Seldinger technique to determine whether EVAR should be performed.
The single wall puncture modified Seldinger technique using a 12 gauge catheter kit was adopted.