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Suprapubic bladder catheterisation using the Seldinger technique.
ASI manufactures The POWERWAND[R] extended dwell, power-injectable midline IV catheter inserted by means of The WAND's[R] proprietary Accelerated Seldinger Technique.
a medical device company pioneering a vastly different approach to vascular access, today announced preclinical data comparing its AXERA 2 Access System to the standard method known as the modified Seldinger technique.
v PIC line introduced by seldinger technique (LEADERFLEX/LEADERCATH or its equivalent)
A right triple-lumen central venous catheter was inserted using a modified Seldinger technique for central venous pressure monitoring, fluid volume management, and blood sampling.
3 F central catheter was placed on the right femoral vein using a Seldinger technique.
The radial artery is accessed using a direct or modified Seldinger technique, and a sheath is inserted over a guide wire using a vascular micropuncture kit and a highly tapered, hydrophilic sheath (Figure 2c) (12).
The Seldinger technique involves an initial puncture of the cyst with a biopsy needle followed by the insertion of a guidewire through the needle.
The 4Fr Nanopuncture POWERWAND is, like the previously FDA-cleared 5Fr version, a power-injectable, peripheral IV catheter that is inserted using the proprietary Accelerated Seldinger Technique.
Contract award: delivery kits for cannulation using seldinger technique.
The single wall puncture modified Seldinger technique using a 12 gauge catheter kit was adopted.