Selective Service System

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Selective Service System

The Selective Service System is responsible for supplying U.S. armed forces with people in the event of a national emergency. It is an independent agency of the federal government's Executive Branch.

The agency was established in its first form in 1917 and is authorized by the Military Selective Service Act (50 U.S.C.A. app. 451–471a). This act, as amended, requires male citizens of the United States, and all other male persons who are in the United States and who are between the ages of eighteen and a half and twenty-six, to register for possible military service. It exempts active members of the armed forces, personnel of foreign embassies and consulates, and nonimmigrant Aliens.All registrants between the ages of eighteen and a half and twenty-six, except those who are deferred, are liable for training and service in the armed forces should Congress decide to conscript registrants. Those who have received a deferral are liable for training and service until age thirty-five. Aliens are not liable for training and service until they have remained in the United States for more than one year. In the event of the Conscription of registrants into the armed forces, conscientious objectors are required to do civilian work in place of conscription.

In 1980 President jimmy carter issued a proclamation (Proclamation 4771, July 2, 1980) requiring all males who were born after January 1, 1960, and who have attained age eighteen, to register with the Selective Service. Registration is conducted at U.S. post offices and at U.S. embassies and consulates outside the United States. The Selective Service maintains several field offices in addition to its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.


Armed Services; Solomon Amendment.

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Although the current absence of a draft eliminates a need for the Selective Service System to continuously operate a large-scale program, the Alternative Service Program is establishing the programs necessary to accomplish this mission in the event of a return to the draft.
The author thanks Alyce Burton, Public Affairs Specialist with the Selective Service System for providing statistics on Vietnam-era conscientious objection claimants.
The draft did end that year, but the Selective Service System, the independent government agency that registers young men for the draft, is still in place, employing 130 full-time workers and spending $130 million each year to compile and maintain a list of potential draftees.
A young man who recently registered, as required, with the Selective Service System received an upbeat brochure in the mail touting the military's 30 days of annual "paid vacation," its free medical and dental care, its "competitive retirement" benefits, and its "home-loan program.
Local resident Larry Chevalier "was alarmed when his 16-year-old son Nathan had to register with the Selective Service System in order to get a driver's license.
On November 4--two days after the election--the Selective Service System published a notice in the Federal Register announcing a data checking arrangement with the Department of Education.
Instead, the Selective Service System is looking at drafting medical personnel as old as 44 and nonmedical personnel up to age 33, said Muller, citing a New York Times article on the subject.
4-F in the draft The Selective Service System, through local draft boards, uses classifications ranging from 1-A (available to serve) to 4-F {unsuitable for military service).
A whole lot of people are suddenly feeling a draft - as in "Greetings, the Selective Service System hereby orders you to report for a pre-induction physical.

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