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SELECTMEN. The name of certain officers in several of the United States, who are invested by the statutes of the several states with various powers.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The article removed -- which would have transferred money between line items -- is not needed because a change in the general law allows selectmen and Finance Committee members to make these transfers in May and June, before the beginning of the new fiscal year.
Seek creation of a facilities manager-type position: Selectmen said they believe the time is right to begin discussions with the Library Trustees and School Committee to create a position to oversee building maintenance and capital improvements in town buildings.
Lavigne distributed the memo to the Board of Selectmen, and asked that it be returned to him after the session.
But when selectmen pulled out a folder of draft documents from 2005 and said they would not post them online because they had never been voted on, former Selectman Louis Cornacchioli criticized the board for lack of transparency.
Chief Howell had told selectmen he did not believe it was a public safety priority to push through legislation that would carve out a local exemption to the mandatory retirement age.
Selectmen had previously discussed limiting the number of times in which a member could participate remotely.
Joan Bedard, a former member of the town's Historical Commission, met with selectmen March 10 to urge that the commission be done away with in favor of creating a society, but selectmen said they have no authority to establish a Historical Society, because that would be a private venture.
Town Manager Sean Hendricks told selectmen that street names would have to be approved by the Board of Selectmen and would have to be included on final plans approved by the Planning Board.
Williams and David Dunn had considered a complaint against the current selectmen because of suspicions they had met illegally before Dec.
Ferguson, calling him out of order for deviating from the agenda, interrupting the town manager and accusing the other four selectmen of engaging in a conspiracy to shut him up.
The email from Leo Fayard criticized Spencer selectmen and Town Administrator Adam Gaudette who, during a regional school district meeting on Saturday to vote on the budget for education, negotiated with school officials to reach a compromise that will save town services in Spencer.
Through an oversight, the East Brookfield Library, according to selectmen, failed to submit a town meeting article to voters requesting the funds, as recommended by the local Finance Committee.