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Despite the mysteriousness of this leap, there is a good deal of evidence to suggest (I cite some of that evidence later) that, for historians up to the present day, the triple event of achieving self consciousness, detailed in Hegel's account, retains something very like the following triple Hegelian significance: in the moment of achieving self-consciousness, (a) the other is comprehended within self-identity, (b) the back and forth movement of reality between unity and diversity is grasped, and (c) law (or submission to a way of understanding) is actualized in the foundation of an all-embracing institution, such as the state.
In this oppositional model, punishment is inflicted in the instantaneous attainment to self consciousness.
Bermudez then goes on to specify how points of view, memory, navigation, and spatial reasoning combine further to create a basic nonverbal self consciousness.

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