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If self love is the starting point, Hanley transcends the Smith Problem claiming that self interest is static, but self love has a dynamic character.
This is more properly called selfishness than self love.
Banker and journalist Hutchinson argues that conservatism (defined as "the political expression of self love and reason" in a reference to Alexander Pope's Essay on Man) was the driving force behind the rise of the British Empire and the achievements of the Industrial Revolution; and the subsequent abandonment of conservative principles was the primary cause of British decay.
From the time he became Prime Minister,he has increasingly displayed self-will, self justification and self love,coupled with what I think are false beliefs,passions and appetites and pride.
Boyd's best bit of advice in this spiritual self-help guide is that the greatest gift any sister can possess is knowledge and self love.
The second section of the book is entitled "Selected Love Poems 1970-1991," and in them you can see Jordan stressing the importance of self love even as she opens to lovers of both sexes.
my locs = hair peace = self love = best thing I ever did for myself" -- E-K.