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First to test feedback loop between glycemic control and quality of life and second to investigate the direct and indirect effect of self regulation through resilience on quality of life of diabetes patients.
It was hypothesized that high Emotional Self Regulation leads to high Self Esteem and Satisfaction with Life.
Follow the code of self regulation stringently and truthfully, so that such advertisements do not appear at all," he added.
The present research aims to explore the predictive role of self regulation in decisions making of managers; which will help organizations to take substantial steps for enhancing self regulation capacity of their managers leading to constructive decision making within organizations, which will in turn affect organization's success and productivity.
The Importance of Self Regulation with Children with Down's Syndrome.
Dale Kunkel & Walter Gantz, Assessing Compliance with Industry Self Regulation of Television Advertising to Children, 21 J.
As a result of the brain determined functioning in self regulation, there is often an effect on psychological and emotional development.
NEW YORK -- Four leading marketing and advertising industry associations stated their continuing commitment to work together to develop a cross sector set of privacy principles for online behavioral advertising in order to respond to the challenge issued today by the Federal Trade Commission for comprehensive industry self regulation.
If any viewer has any suggestion we will take measures to strengthen our self regulation, but our view is very clear that only self regulation will work we are following it," said NBA president Sameer Manchanda.
She maintains that studying self regulation qualitatively allows the researcher to examine the "'function of events in context, rather than on the surface features of teacher or student activities" (p.
The CGA's safety reporting and awards program promotes safety awareness as an extension of the Association's charter which focuses on safety and self regulation.