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There was a time in my life when I personally relied on Project Self Sufficiency, just to get me through," said Ortega.
For more information on Project Self Sufficiency, visit http://www.
Self Sufficiency Center is a much- needed addition to the Family Life Center Campus, which already serves more than 10,000 area residents.
Self sufficiency in food products, therefore, has to be maintained as instability in food supply would have bad impact on other economic sector.
Challenges faced in maintaining food self sufficiency
The country was spared from the world's food problem as it just achieved self sufficiency in rice supply.
As a result the rice self sufficiency may not last long.
Therefore, in order to improve the economic resilience, food self sufficiency is vital.
Family Self Sufficiency 1 Dover, NH Housing Authority $12,497 2 Keene, NH Housing Authority $36,355 3 Manchester Housing Redevelopment $46,138 4 Nashua, NH Housing Authority $34,544 Welfare to Work 1 New Hampshire Hsg Finance Authority $2,571,740 500 STATE TOTAL $2,701,274 500
Family Self Sufficiency 1 Augusta, ME Housing Authority $24,509 2 Bangor, ME Housing Authority $35,996 3 Caribou, ME Housing Authority $36,139 4 Maine State Housing Authority $46,350 5 Old Town, ME Housing Authority $36,855 6 Portland Housing Authority $46,350 7 Westbrook, ME Housing Authority $46,350 STATE TOTAL $272,549
Family Self Sufficiency 1 Burlington, VT Housing Authority $35,025 2 Vermont State Housing Authority $42,769 STATE TOTAL $77,794
Family Self Sufficiency 1 Central Falls, RI Housing Authority $29,926 2 Coventry RI Housing Authority $39,000 3 Cumberland, RI Housing Authority $41,097 4 East Greenwich, RI Housing Authority $28,119 5 Narragansett RI Housing Authority $37,700 6 North Providence, RI Housing Authority $35,513 7 Pawtucket, RI Housing Authority $37,198 8 Providence, RI Housing Authority $46,350 9 Woonsockett, RI HA $10,300 STATE TOTAL $305,203