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To comprehend Global Self-driving Car Technology market dynamics in the world mainly, the worldwide Self-driving Car Technology market is analyzed across major global regions.
The post Uber to unveil next-generation Volvo self-driving car appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The firm added once the self-driving car is commercialized, drivers will be able to have more private time as, for example, they will be able to read books or watch virtual reality content in moving cars.
The company is one of 62 companies with a permit to test self-driving cars in California, according to the State Department of Motor Vehicles, although most operate in the shadow of Alphabet Inc's business unit Waymo, which began work on the technology a decade ago.
While this doesn't really much about Apple's progress in making autonomous cars, as the accident was most likely resulted out of human error, it is interesting to note that most such accidents involving self-driving cars have been rear-enders.
However, that is not the only motivation as the introduction of self-driving cars will be a transportation revolution that will leave ripples in modern day society.
Advocates for self-driving cars say this will revolutionize transport by making roads safer, eliminating crashes, and decreasing congestion and pollution.
Americans are largely uncomfortable with the idea of riding in a self-driving car on a daily basis, as 59% rate their discomfort with this fairly high on a five-point scale.
When an input is presented to the system after being "trained"-like an image of a typical two-lane highway presented to a self-driving car platform-the system recognizes it by running an analysis through its complex logic system.
The looming self-driving car revolution raises a multitude of legal and business related issues.
The term "self-driving car" is misleading because self-driving cars can have various levels of automation.
Self-Driving Car, for example, factoids about the Mojave Desert being the site of a self-driving challenge; that Google has designed a "cute" self-driving car so that it does not appear dangerous; and that snow remains an obstacle for self-parking and autonomous cruise-controlled vehicles.