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In addition, 71% of the participants self-identified as non-white; these important findings are applicable across segments of our population that often suffer from health-inequities and have been unrepresented or under-served in our health care system.
Providing full drug coverage reduced total health care spending by 70% among patients who self-identified as being nonwhite.
Not only is racial shifting a cultural threat to "Cherokee citizens," it also becomes a legal threat to their political status as federally recognized members of sovereign indigenous nations, especially as some states have begun to legally recognize self-identified Cherokee organizations.
Open-ended measures of self-identified race and ethnicity, with the below prompts followed by a blank line for participants to write responses:
In 2004, the gap between self-identified party affiliation narrowed, but in 2008 the tracking indicated a net Democratic advantage, a finding that also showed up in the exit polls (CNN 2008).
For many public policy purposes, you really don't count unless you're counted," says Gary Gates, a demographer and Williams Distinguished Scholar at UCLA who led the institute's efforts to find out how many self-identified LGBT adults live in the U.
The FDA noted, "Fees for FYs 2014-2017 will be adjusted for inflation and other factors, including the number of facilities that have self-identified each year.
86%) were self-identified Christians and one person held traditional beliefs combined with those of Christianity.
The sample for this study was selected based on self-identified religious affiliation of those who agreed to be recontacted from the Gallup nightly polling.
The people who respond "yes" are self-identified family caregivers.
They analyzed tweets that were sent by self-identified physicians in May 2010.
They analyzed tweets sent by self-identified physicians in May 2010.