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Rates and patterns of agreement between NIH items and self-identified race and ethnicity responses.
We use these data to examine the extent of variability of self-identified party affiliation during the latter stages of the campaign.
Results in the report are based on the aggregation of the two Muslim American polls, yielding a total sample of 2,482 adults, of which 475 self-identified as Muslims.
Major Finding: Eleven percent of girls who self-identified as black received all three doses of the HPV vaccine, compared with 22% of the white girls and 15% of those identified as other races.
Survey results also showed that though one out of six self-identified overweight people use prescription weight loss medications, accompanying physician counseling is often incomplete.
Toronto -- In April 2006, the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission granted an FM radio license to Rainbow Media Group for a station devoted to "gay" and lesbian listening; such self-identified individuals number about 80,000 in the Greater Toronto Area.
Sexual risk factors among self-identified lesbians, bisexual women, and heterosexual women accessing primary care settings, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2003, 32(9):563-569.
Professional, self-identified white, anti-feminist Creole women organized influential professional associations and edited journals through which they contributed to the debates about the Spanish genealogy of the Puerto Rican nation, its current problems, and its future course.
But in a controversial move, the FDA approved BiDil--which drugmakers claim allows the heart to pump easier by relaxing blood vessels--for self-identified African American patients, marking the first ever ethnic drug to hit the market.
Lexington, MA, announced it has received approval from the FDA to use BiDil, a drug specifically for the treatment of heart failure in self-identified African American patients.
The passing of Andrea Dworkin--feminist polemicist, anti-porn crusader, and loony extraordinaire--drew strangely admiring obituaries from several feminists who vehemently disagreed with her in life, including the self-identified "feminist pornographer" Susie Bright and the staunchly anti-censorship Nation columnist Katha Pollitt.
Even self-identified evangelicals took issue with the intervention.