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In Kashmir Shaivism, Prakasha is seen as Prakasha -vimarshamaya giving rise to self-knowing which is both immanent and transcendent and is seen as the source of all manifestations--its arising, maintenance and cessation.
RESUMEN: En la parte I de Self-Knowing Agents, Lucy O'Brien expone una teoria de la referencia de primera persona.
Disillusion in so perfectly rounded and self-knowing a scoundrel is thankfully irrelevant.
Its evolution towards the self-knowing and self-representing moment of the passage into philosophical prose, the "prose of thought" that Hegel seems to have thought of as imminent at his own time of writing, leaves the material world behind, and with it the genre of art itself, still minimally materialized in the letters on the page of romantic poetry.
Mauss suggests that this primitive form evolved in ancient Rome into the self as a bearer of legal rights and obligations, was then supplemented first by the Stoics with a consciousness of good and evil and then by the early Christians with a metaphysical aspect, until finally in the eighteenth century it achieved its current form as a self-knowing psychological being.
Specifically "autoethnographies can encourage acts of witnessing, empathy, and connection that extend beyond the self of the author and thereby contribute to sociological understanding in ways that, among others, are self-knowing, selfrespectful, self-sacrificing, and self-luminous" (Sparkes, p.
She has the same drive and self-knowing as Hazel in "Gorilla, My Love," but is in a different family.
Gorick's feminist reflexes here are lightning-quick when called for, but her central concern is an equal-opportunity one, self-knowing in the act of writing, This exploration displays Gornick's considerable literary and psychological penetration and her distinctive voice; by turns ironic, lyrical, unflinchingly frank;
And he manages to do it without coming across like a self-knowing prat.
Cultural self-knowing in the rituals of theater and the impulses of spectatorship" as found in the deceits and voyeurism of the Henrician court, for example, simply do not explain the ideological basis for engagement (in the Sartrean sense) in the political, cultural, not to mention theological, dialectics of the period.
It is a relief to realize that the witty, self-knowing Maple Leaf Rag, and not this confused meditation on death, was actually Graham's last work.
He resembles Charles Crumb, the articulate, ruefully self-knowing brother of Robert Crumb, who in Terry Zwigoff's penetrating biodoc Crumb cannot extract himself from the family ooze and winds up a suicide.