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The main framework of self-regulated learning theory is based on this principle how an individual can organize his learning based on metacognitive, motivational and behavioral aspects.
A large body of empirical evidence suggests that self-regulated learners are more effective, confident, resourceful, and persistent in learning (Pintrich, 1995; Schunk & Zimmerman, 1994; Winne & Hadwin, 1998; Zimmerman & Campillo, 2003).
1980); an adaptation of the Attribution Survey revised for mathematics (MAS; Schoenfeld, 1989); and an adaptation of the Self-Regulated Learning Interview Schedule (SRLIS; Zimmerman & Martinez-Pons, 1986)--were administered to different groups of fifth- and sixth-grade students.
This article presents and discusses the results of the relationship between self-regulated learning, self-efficacy beliefs, and school performance in students six to seven years of age (late childhood).
The developmental areas that the cocaine exposure seemed to directly impact - sustained attention and self-regulated behaviour - could become significantly problematic as children grow into adults.
This study examined the self-efficacy for self-regulated learning of adolescents with learning disabilities (LD).
This study explores how self-regulated learning components and motivation contributes to Turkish high school students' mathematics achievement.
Extensive regulation of the rental market is not necessary for the self-regulated letting agent and it is not likely to catch avaricious landlords and rogue agents.
Thus, the intervention titled Mathematics Self-Regulated Learning Program aimed to help selected children from Southeast Asia (the Philippines) improve their Mathematics achievement, Mathematics self-regulated learning, and Mathematics school grade.
Nuclear research ended and the Energy Department began its self-regulated decontamination in 1988.
The overall aim of the research was to promote cognitive and metacognitive thinking processes with self-regulated learning strategies for problem solving in clinical situations.
The legal challenge was brought by the Hampstead Heath Winter Swimming Club against the Corporation of London which rejected the club's proposals for early morning, self-regulated swimming in the Mixed Pond on the heath in north London.