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It would be a most self-restrained woman who did not crave one of these little rocks, which make you gasp at their intense shimmer as much as their price tag.
But more importantly, they remind us to be self-restrained, not to claim too much for ourselves, to be fully aware of our weaknesses, not least when we are tempted to be critical of the weaknesses of others.
By their very nature of being heat-fused to the pipe, all HDPE fittings are leak-proof and self-restrained.
Under the program, the city publicizes the self-restrained candidates by noting their fund-raising pledge on its Web site and through a pair of ads published in the legal notices section of the newspaper before the election.
To explain why no new regulatory bodies sprung up to slow down the explosion of the technology sector, Hassett speculated that a self-restrained government would be nice but the "more practical way to accomplish the same thing.