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Pearson Higher Education is already expanding and promoting direct sales of ebooks of their best selling textbooks.
She says it also proves that the college store's purpose extends beyond selling textbooks.
Of note, a recent study by Rabaw, Hardie and others concluded that "top selling textbooks generally offered little helpful information on caring for patients at the end-of-life" in a 1998 review of how well medical textbooks address end-of-life care.
Of the more than 250 exhibitors showing their wares, 53 are selling athletic equipment, bleachers, and gymnasium maintenance products; there are just three companies selling textbooks.
Student-friendly price ensures this is an ideal companion to our best selling textbooks by Linsley
Social networthing(TM) gives them the opportunity to gain access to any number of opportunities from buying or selling textbooks, sports equipment, bikes, futons, and other unwanted dorm stuff at a reasonable price to gaining insight into crowdfunding opportunities for unique ideas they have on how to make money.