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The ease of authorship in wiki pages is a great motivator for integration and interoperability of the semantic web.
The true believers say the semantic Web could help journalists report complex ever-changing stories and reach new audiences.
Fomichov (Moscow, Russia) formulates an original strategy of transforming the existing Web into a Semantic Web of a new generation with the well-developed mechanisms of understanding NL-texts (or a Meanings Understanding Web, or a Multilinguistic Semantic Web).
The Semantic Web will complement the current web, creating an environment where software agents will be able to handle various sophisticated tasks in which information will have a well-defined meaning.
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems 5(3): 1-22.
Semantic web is considered to improve the design of web application.
For those not already familiar with semantic web technologies and open linked data, there are many sources that can better explain them.
The 14th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-Based Applications and Services (iiWAS2012) will feature four tracks: Web Engineering and Web Services, E-Applications, Web Data and Semantic Web, and Information Integration in Ubiquitous Computing.
Nevertheless, to assist with this, a virtual organization can be created, in which the activities of all companies involved can be represented, merged, and shared over a distributed environment through semantic web services.
Those are genuine concerns but they may well be drowned out by the noise created by semantic web chatter.
While Berners-Lee describes the current Web as a document Web, he refers to the Semantic Web as a data Web.
The Semantic Web Management System (SWMS) we propose in this paper enables the users to achieve their goals by transforming disparate, fragmented data into viable information capable of answering key questions.

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