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The Semantic Web will complement the current web, creating an environment where software agents will be able to handle various sophisticated tasks in which information will have a well-defined meaning.
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems 5(3): 1-22.
Semantic web is considered to improve the design of web application.
It seems like the library technology arena has been on the verge of a breakthrough into the realm of the semantic web for the past 5 years or more.
For the theoretical foundation, an explanation of some concepts will be given, in light of the literature of the semantic web, collaboration and cooperation.
Due to the use of the triplets, the enrichment can be presented with the help of RDF--one of the basic languages of the Semantic Web project.
To hear some of them debate it, the semantic Web will evolve, like Skynet, into an all powerful thing that can help us understand our world or create various crises when it starts to develop a form of connected intelligence.
Those are genuine concerns but they may well be drowned out by the noise created by semantic web chatter.
While Berners-Lee describes the current Web as a document Web, he refers to the Semantic Web as a data Web.
The Semantic Web Management System (SWMS) we propose in this paper enables the users to achieve their goals by transforming disparate, fragmented data into viable information capable of answering key questions.
At its most basic level, the semantic web involves machines communicating with other machines in a more intelligent way than they do today by adding a semantic layer to the existing web.
We then introduce the concept of the semantic web and semantic web services, detailing their evolution, an analysis of the technology, and highlighting relevant adoption within industry.

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