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As stated earlier, the present study utilizes a semantic differential scale which was comprised of six contrasting descriptive adjectives.
Subject's perceptions of the attributes of e-mail were measured by 220 business employees using a 17-item, seven-point, semantic differential scale adopted from Ruchinskas (1982) and Svenning (1982).
Fatigue was measured by the Fatigue Experience Scale (FES) (teddy, 1995c), a new, 15 item, 7-point semantic differential scale that measures expressions, extent, and evaluation of fatigue.
The Semantic Differential Scale (SDS) (Pizzo, 1981) measured students' attitudes comparing the different instructional method they experienced.
Students were administered the Learning Style Inventory (LSI) (Dunn, Dunn, & Price, 1999) the Semantic Differential Scale (SDS) (Pizzo, 1981), and two tests of grammar achievement.

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