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Find out more about the semaphore flag code (see Level A),
The souvenirs I had brought down from the bridge were one white ensign, one Union Jack, my pair of hand semaphore flags, and binoculars.
The first 615 people taking part in the project during July were chosen at random and include a cyclist using pedal power to light up his specially created suit and an 83-year-old armed with semaphore flags.
Pupils used semaphore flags to decode maths problems.
These mechanisms, which include "busy" logic, semaphore flags and interrupts, enable customers to manage contention issues between ports easily without external circuitry.
The play tells the story of young Guto who loves spending time with his Nain and it involves a boat trip to Ireland, picnics by the sea, semaphore flags and fairies turning children into sausages.