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is the author of the seminal work The Mythical Man-Month, originally published in 1975, in which he observed that the performance of programming teams does not scale in a linear fashion.
Besides celebrating the tenth anniversary of his company, creating new works for the Houston Ballet and Ballet Hispanico, and touring Love Songs around the country, he was invited to the Sundance Film Festival to explore transforming his seminal work, Urban Scenes/Creole Dreams, into a feature film.
Wilson of the University of California, Los Angeles for his seminal work Political Organization, published as part of the Princeton Studies in American Politics series (Princeton University Press, 1973).
Ten years after his monumental (and Pulitzer-Prize winning) Parting the Waters, Taylor Branch has produced another seminal work in this, the second volume of his America in the King Years trilogy.
This is not a book for the faint of heart; it is a dense and very demanding work but an absolutely seminal work.
Berwick, in a seminal work on continuous improvement in health care, writes in concrete terms about an alternative to such a nationalized system.
Expeditions among the Eskimos at Hudson's Bay led to his Nanook of the North (1922), a seminal work of the movie industry that helped earn him the title Father of the Documentary.
The latter, his most seminal work, established his reputation as cinema's greatest anarchist and iconoclast, exposing the hypocrisies and insanities of modern civilization in general and established religion in particular.
Following their seminal work, Levi-Montalcini returned to Rome to join the Institute of Cell Biology, where she now teaches; Cohen moved to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, where he is studying the mechanism by which EGF interacts with its receptor and stimulates cells.
Thomas University), and profusely illustrated throughout with examples and samples of art, "Miller Brittain" is a seminal work of impressive scholarship, and one that should be a part of every university art department and academic library 20th Century Art History reference collections and supplemental reading lists.