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Building on the success of similar programs offered in 2004 and 2005, the Institute will again offer a seminar on Financial Reporting for Tax Executives on November 15-16 at the Westin O'Hare in Chicago.
Our Marketing and Management Seminars, and the Linder Farm Network "Farm Broadcaster for a Day" events have become huge listener hits and an important part of our total marketing effort.
A large body of research supports the success of orientation seminars for community college freshmen.
Unlike other freshman seminars, first year experience courses or "university 101" classes at other schools, GenEd 104 does not include any curriculum explicitly dealing with study skills, time management or money management skills, health and wellness issues, or learning the history of the institution (Preparing Freshmen 35).
Bob Spidell founded his company in 1979, publishing the California Taxletter and hosting about 40 tax-update seminars a year.
Seminars can be scheduled at LePatner & Associates or on-site at law firms throughout the New York metro area.
Attendance for the first two seminars averaged 50 people, and attendance for the seminar on FASB Statement nos.
Perlman has served as coordinator of the Seminars since 1977 and has handled this consultative position from the 2nd Switzer Memorial Seminar through the 18th Seminar held in September 1994.
One-day, low-cost seminars, with their "hit them hard and leave them wanting more" approach, are designed to empower employees by providing them with solid skills and career enhancement advice.