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In the overall trace method, the surrounding edges of the longissimus thoracis, trapezius, semispinalis dorsi and semispinalis capitis muscles were automatically traced by auto trace operation in the image analysis software (Figure 1).
Some texts also include scalenus anterior in the floor of the triangle (Drake et al 2005, Grant and Basmajian 1965, Wood Jones 1953), while others note that a small portion of semispinalis capitis may be visible at the apex of the triangle (Grant and Basmajian 1965, Last 1978, Wood Jones 1953, Zuckerman 1961).
Musculature removed during and debridement Retropharyngeal area Prevertebral fascia Longus capitis Longus colli Rectus capitis anterior Temporal fossa Medial pterygoid Lateral pterygoid Lower portion of temporalis Tensor veli palatini Levator veli palatini Portion of superior pharyngeal constrictor Portion of middle pharyngeal constrictor Neck Upper portion middle scalene Levator scapulae Splenius capitis Trapezius Sternocleidomastoid Occipitalis Longissimus capitis Semispinalis capitis Obliquus capitis superior Obliquus capitis inferior Rectus capitis posterior major Rectus capitis posterior minor Posterior belly digastric Stylohyoid Styloglossus Stylopharyngeus Buccinator