Semper paratus

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SEMPER PARATUS. The name of a plea by which the defendant alleges that he has always been ready to perform what is demanded of him. 3 Bl. Com. 303. The same as Tout temps prist. (q.v.)

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On the second floor of the original station, after climbing a staircase with the words "semper paratus" (`always ready') on the wall, Bradley has re-created the rooms where the men of the Coast Guard used to live.
Any success on the Emirates sand will complete a remarkable success story for Baines, who was bitten by the racing bug when his first horse Semper Paratus raced for pounds 2,100 at Wolverhampton two years ago.
Patriotic music would play softly in the background throughout the presentation, with the songs "You're a Grand Old Flag," "Semper Paratus," "The Chimes of Liberty," and so on.
Coast Guard (SPARs after the Coast Guard motto Semper Paratus "Always Ready") or U.S.
Or perhaps it's some kind of post-Columbine chic of the semper paratus.
Back on ship, we washed and sterilized our wounds, then applied ointment and Band-Aids--"Semper paratus" as the Boy Scouts say.
Blinkers have brought about an improvement in Semper Paratus and the Giles Braverytrained gelding can complete a hat-trick in the Half Moon Handicap at Newmarket.
Blinkers have brought about an im-provement in Semper Paratus and the Giles Bravery-trained gelding can complete a hat-trick in the Half Moon Handicap at Newmarket's afternoon meeting.
Although Toby Balding's charge could not quite match that form when fourth of 14 to Semper Paratus at Kempton, but it was not a bad run and the three-year-old filly will take some beating in the Crowther Homes Handicap.
Coast Guard: Semper Paratus. which means "always ready." According to a recent issue of the Executive Insider newsletter, published by Exec-U-Net, Inc., Norwalk, Connecticut (, successful career advancement in the new millennium requires an "active program of career enhancement to gain confidence and skills." Here are some tips to help you be "always ready."
Norman Saunders' after-dinner remarks, Rimsza leaps to his feet and shouts the Coast Guard slogan, "Semper paratus!"
SPARS, the Semper Paratus Always Ready Service, was organized as a women's branch of the Coast Guard.