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SENIOR. The elder. This addition is sometimes made to a man's name, when two persons bear the same, in order to distinguish them. In practice when nothing is mentioned, the senior is intended. 3 Miss. R. 59. See Junior.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Defensive backs, first team, senior Sonny Dillinger, Assumption, senior Chandler Fenner, Holy Cross, junior Tom Mannix, Holy Cross, and senior John Perron (Worcester), WPI; second team, senior Dan Conrad (Holden), Assumption, senior Chris Rose, Fitchburg State, and senior Mike Rubalcaba, Nichols.
Potential participants were screened to ascertain their suitability to working with seniors. The screening consisted of a written survey with questions such as, "Are you close to your grandfather or grandmother?
In 2005, he submitted testimony to Congress on the "Reverse Mortgages To Help America's Seniors Act." An attorney and Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), his book, Piggy Bank Your Home For A Brighter Today & Tomorrow, is revolutionizing how families view reverse mortgages.
All this changed in 2000, when United Seniors' long-time president and CEO was replaced by Charles Jarvis, a veteran of the Reagan and George H.W.
Senior Woodwind: Alyssa Van Lanen,* Wisconsin; Nancy Collins, teacher
Senior officers will work with the new organization to synchronize their development plans with Army requirements in order to better focus their continuing contributions to the nation.
The site will also be one of the first that pops up under the key phrase "Independent Senior Living Communities," Hamilton said.
After dinner, I will introduce each senior and present him with his last helmet decals--which they can wear for their last game.
Infanta, Pangasinan - pre-elementary to senior high school (public and private schools)