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Transurban also maintains a high level of interest-rate hedging on its debt portfolio and comfortably exceeds the senior interest coverage ratio covenant of 2.
Also, it competes unfavored with any other senior interest.
By either visiting the blog or signing up for alerts of new posts, you can be kept up to date on a variety of topics of senior interest.
The K-020 certificates include two senior principal and interest classes, one senior interest only class and a junior interest only class.
The private equity and asset management firm Savanna announced it completed the sale of a senior interest in a $157.
Although involvement in the Yorkshire League has now dwindled to just one men's team in the Premier Division, there is still plenty of senior interest at the club, with six men's teams in the Kirklees and Calderdale League, two ladies' teams and an Over 45s.
14-goal star Paul, who has attracted senior interest, says Tommy, right, has made him better player
There must also be sufficient liquidity in the deal to pay senior interest on all non-PIK tranches.
The holders of the junior interest argue that the debtor is, in fact, worth more than $100, while the holders of the senior interest argue that the debtor is worth less than $100.
In previous discussions with the IRS, there have been indications that certain senior interest technicians would be designated to work the interest netting computations.
Senior reserves are adequate at the greater of 12 months senior interest or nine months debt service and also included is a required minimum balance in the ramp-up reserve equal to nine months of TIFIA mandatory debt service.
The issue will comprise two senior principal and interest classes of K-710 certificates, a senior interest only class and a junior interest only class.
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