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OLD AGE. This needs no definition. Sometimes old age is the cause of loss of memory and of the powers of the mind, when the party may be found non compos mentis. See Aged witness; Senility.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Area senior centers offer a variety of classes, programs and activities.
"If the atheist (sic) of Maryland want something different then I would suggest building an atheist Senior Center where you won't have to hear any prayers but leave my people alone," wrote Dwyer in a March 15 letter.
The Point Defiance/Ruston Senior Center was started in 1978 by Catholic Community Services (CCS) after assessing the needs of older persons in the neighborhood adjacent to the North-End CCS office, including Ruston.
Shrewsbury Senior Center, 98 Maple Ave., Shrewsbury.
at the Senior Center, 250 Main Street, Marlborough, MA.
In keeping with its role as the community gathering space and senior services provider, North Shore Senior Center includes both private spaces and public spaces-- some grand, some intimate.
8, Libertyville Senior Center, 135 Church St., Libertyville.
Echo Manor maintains the vehicle, pays the insurance, and employs two part-time drivers from the senior center. Funding comes from rider contributions with ongoing donations from the Rotary Club, senior centers, and the local government.
The Pana Area Senior Center will hold their Monthly Potluck and Business Meeting on Wednesday, Aug.
Senior Work Search Program Work Opportunities Unlimited, in conjunction with the Worcester Senior Center, will offer a recruitment session for the six-week program helping seniors with job search skills, which will begin March 19.

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