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An important aspect is the fact that after the senior thesis was published, other medical brigades were carried out in various populations, always maintaining the similar characteristics in question, and until 1988 very similar results were obtained.
Nevertheless, the results currently provide the only national data that indicate the value and importance of the honors senior thesis, which was the most common requirement for earning honors distinction (65.7%).
Despite students initially having very strong opinions that psychology is a science (over 5.0 on a 7-point scale), we found increases in PAS scores at the end of Senior Thesis (ST) and Research Methods (RM) courses, minimal changes in Introductory Psychology (INTRO), and decreases in Scientific Communication in Psychology (COMM) courses.
(undated) Cannonball Formation: New Brunswick, Rutgers U., Senior Thesis (unpublished), 34 p.
This past year, my English department implemented a new curriculum, including a new capstone class, changing the class from one in critical theory to one in which the students reflect on their learning as English majors and craft a nearly 40-page senior thesis. English majors take courses in literature, linguistics, and, if they plan to be teachers, English teaching methods.
Approximately half of the students selected for the Babson program complete the senior thesis.
He learned his craft well, and his senior thesis film The Money Shot won the Wasserman award and went on to win many awards at Film festivals across the country.
Written as her senior thesis at Cornell--David Foster Wallace style--it's a first novel that could only come from a tumultuous background.
The subject of her senior thesis was the radical Renaissance philosopher Pietro Pomponazzi and her first published works during her student years were on the unfeminine topics of 'The Protestant Printing Works of Lyon in 1514' and 'The 1592 Edition of Estienne's "Apologie pour Herodote"' (p.
While a student at Princeton he wrote his senior thesis on St.
For my pharmacy school senior thesis project, I paid professional translators to translate pharmacy words into Spanish, Somali, Russian and Hmong.
Karen Owen had created the "unofficial senior thesis" on her sex life with athletes at Duke University in North Carolina and originally emailed it to three of her friends.

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