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in the 1950s, and in 1969 Foley wrote his senior thesis at San Francisco State University on the treatment of sexual minorities in America.
Sir Frank first laid out his vision for jet propulsion at age 21 in his senior thesis at the Royal Air Force College.
Senior Thesis of Alex Wyse Produced Under the Guidance of Award-Winning Playwright and Boston University Assistant Professor, Lydia R.
Also required for the degree of bachelor of arts in liberal arts, which he received, was a senior thesis on a topic of his choice, which he then defended before a panel of three faculty members.
Her senior thesis chronicling the life of a homeless shoeshiner-and his just-over-broke boss-earned her English honors.
That goal dovetails with Storrs' senior thesis project, which involves researching fair-trade organizations and women's cooperatives to determine whether they offer a viable model for entrepreneurship.
Work done on coatings related topics as part of an undergraduate research project or as a senior thesis is appropriate for submission.
Teach for America, which sprang from the 1989 senior thesis that its founder, Wendy Kopp, wrote at Princeton University, has placed 3,000 teachers and gained both praise and strong criticism for its methods.
senior lecturer in the English department and Ferron's co-adviser on his senior thesis, said he will thrive as a Mitchell Scholar.
As a part of a senior thesis at Hampshire College in 2012-13, Gordon designed a therapy program for the former combatants that allows them to return to their natural behaviors.
As students work toward their chosen degrees, they will complete at least 12 hours of Honors coursework, including a senior thesis and a seminar (specific requirements are determined by individual departments).
He completed three short musical fragments by Mozart for his senior thesis at Harvard in 1968, traveling to Europe to research the composer's manuscripts.

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