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So we thought that by holding a 'dinner in the dark' event we could give the public a chance to feel what the visually impaired feel - it will make people rely on their other senses more and appreciate their sense of sight.
Researchers wanted to explain Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP), which is how playing games can affect a person's sense of sight, sound, and touch after they are done playing.
Gamers will be amazed just how quickly and naturally they can rely on their eye movement to control game functions faster and more accurately and, most importantly, how much more real the game becomes because the users' actions are more closely connected to their sense of sight.
According to McCandless, the sense of sight has by far the fastest and biggest bandwidth of any of the five senses: About 80 per cent of the information we take in is visual and through our eyes.
The 'rustle, rustle' language of trees and the rich smell of lavender serve Anthea well as she demonstrates the different knowledge that she had acquired over time is as valid as the dominant sense of sight.
Our ability to perform daily activities is heavily dependent on our sense of sight.
How much do you rely on your sense of sight and sound when enjoying a meal?
This year's theme, "Your Eyes are the Windows to Your Health," highlights the importance of scheduling an eye exam to maintain good quality eye health and preserve the sense of sight.
Dias, 22, was awarded a cash prize of Dh10,000 for five black and white photographs which she screened at Sense of Sight, an exhibition held by the Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai (MEHD) in collaboration with the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre (DUCTAC) between February 3 and 24.
And when all sense of sight is removed will the diner's sense of taste be heightened?
I wouldn't cut off my sense of sight every time I step out the door, after all, so why would I do it with my sense of hearing?
TINY tots can help develop their sense of sight, sound and movement with this Happy Safari musical gym and mat.