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One became the genetic code (ATG) on the sense strand and the mRNA codon (AUG).
The filter for the nucleotide composition at the 5'-end of the sense strand (f-ssnt).
Calibration of SSCP peak positions for CnVG, CnVN, and Cg * Cn strains Sense strand peak ([dagger]) CnVG (KN99[alpha]; MAT[alpha]) 3230.
The polymorphism between CYP21 and CYP21P at the HaeIII site around nt503/nt509 previously has been shown to result from a G [right arrow] A transition on the sense strand (1,2); however, the reason for loss of the HaeIII restriction site at nt398 in CYP21P has not been established.
a sense strand having at least one 2'-O-alkyl modification within a 6 nucleotide region of at least one of the ends of the strand;
For the sense strand (FAM), the peaks were defined by the following data points: wild-type 1, 5756; wild-type 2, 5809; mutant 1, 5736; mutant 2, 5788, and for the antisense strand (HEX): wild-type, 5867; mutant, 5738.
RNA, on the other hand, has only a sense strand -- and so lies vulnerable to attack from an antisense sequence.