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Taking these women's crying songs as a starting point she investigates a broad spectrum of themes that go beyond this specific subject: the place of ecology in Yolngu music; the difficult to grasp concept of emotion; how sensory awareness of the landscape and seascape is expressed and experienced through this poetic genre, how ancestral knowledge is transmitted and finally how ancestral song is understood and experienced in Christian contexts.
But beyond that, the need for quad and calf strength, upper-body coordination, balance, and sensory awareness both of others and of abrupt terrain changes on the mountain makes skiing an exceedingly challenging sport to perform safely at the speeds it insists upon by sheer force of gravity.
Chapter Two is about opening and enhancing sensory awareness, focusing on visual, auditory and kinesthetic input.
In the art room, and throughout the entire school day, we work as a team to increase each student's sensory awareness and output through the use of all their senses.
Affiliated with the child development unit (CDU) at Children's Hospital in Boston, The First Years examines critical issues that all parents and children face -- from feeding, diapering, teething and sleeping to language skills, sensory awareness, and social, emotional and cognitive skills.
It has been widely observed that the accuracy and reliability of this sensory awareness do not diminish with either electromagnetic shielding or with increases in temporal or spatial separation between the percipient and the target to be described.
Almost all the participants commented within the first month on their heightened sensory awareness as well as their as their keener recognition of the variety of emotions they were experiencing.
The goals are motor reprogramming to restore normal breathing patterns, reduced effortful breathing, a focus on exhalation, increased sensory awareness, and self-correction of acute episodes.
Over time, as sensory awareness improves, doctors give these injections at increasingly lower dermatome levels (areas on the body that match a specific spinal-cord level).
The dominant philosophical trend around him was an 'energeticism' in physics that denied the universality of Newtonian 'mechanism' (Ostwald, Duhem) and a phenomenalism that took science to be the economical statement of lawlike regularities among the direct contents of sensory awareness (Mach).
There's a lot of sensory awareness involved in books,'' Polland said.