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Wherever Wingless helps build sensory organs on the wing, the switch flips on pigment production, and a spot or shadow appears.
In particular, sensory organs have not been subjected to electron microscopic research until now.
In chapters five to ten, the authors focus on an examination of the impact of behavioral risk factors such as depression, coping, and adjustment strategies on the onset and outcome of mental disorders, diseases of the nervous system, sensory organs, digestive and respiratory disorders, nutritional disorders, and diseases of the circulatory system.
Scientists found a mouth and gut, internal and external layers of body tissue, and outer surface pits that may have housed sensory organs.
The arrangement of sensors and the locomotion apparatus are intended to physically support the devices' programmed strategies, just as the animal's body and sensory organs are inherently interfaced with its neurological information processing and decision making.
The face is where most of our sensory organs are located and is the source of most communication and contact withothers.
he realizes that the sense of the sublime emerges Out of a simultaneous mutual interaction of sensory organs and impending stimuli.
VAUXHALL'S all-new Vectra, designed to compete with Ford's Mondeo in the battle for Britain's best motorway cruiser, will have more sensory organs than a human being.
Vauxhall boast that it is blessed with a bigger and better set of sensory organs than any human who will be sitting behind the wheel.
In fact with more than 30 sensors, Vectra - which goes on sale in the UK in June - has more sensory organs than a human being, claims Vauxhall.
In fact with more than 30 sensors, Vectra has more sensory organs than a human being.
The sensory organs we call taste buds are contained in onion-shaped structures all over your tongue and soft palate.