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High resolution ultrastructural investigation of insect sensory organs using field emission scanning electron microscopy, pp.
Here very important is also ability to join sensory inputs coming from various sensory organs to create a complete image of reality.
Sensory nerve cells connect your sensory organs, such as your eyes, to your brain
The sea urchin will also be a valuable biomedical model for understanding the evolution of sensory organs and elaborate but distinctive immune systems in animals.
9) Postmortem studies revealed a collapse of his endolymphatic system and the presence of edema and atrophy in most of the specialized cell types of the auditory and vestibular sensory organs.
Transmitter contents of cells and fibers in the cephalic sensory organs of the gastropod mollusc Phestilla sibogae.
When the body, sensory organs and the mind are always engaged in the pursuit of worldly pleasures, there will be no room for associating oneself with the spiritual dimension in the human personality.
Local speciality dish - ingredients likely to include reproductive and or sensory organs.
In particular, sensory organs have not been subjected to electron microscopic research until now.
Your heart and your ears as well as your eyes are key emotional sensory organs, and that's what Glenn Poor appeals to," says McCann.
In chapters five to ten, the authors focus on an examination of the impact of behavioral risk factors such as depression, coping, and adjustment strategies on the onset and outcome of mental disorders, diseases of the nervous system, sensory organs, digestive and respiratory disorders, nutritional disorders, and diseases of the circulatory system.
Scientists found a mouth and gut, internal and external layers of body tissue, and outer surface pits that may have housed sensory organs.