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Visitors will be bombarded with sensory overload from the sights, sounds smell and tastes from around the world as some of the region's best restaurants and traders recreate a bustling international street food market offering a mouthwatering array of stunning street food.
By implementing similar constraints on their robot, scientists believe it may be possible to overcome the problems of sensory overload that can impede other robotic learning systems.
Loring, director of the Horace Mann Educational Association's Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts in West Boylston, said younger autistic people, especially those who have profound symptoms of the disorder, can be affected more dramatically by the sensory overload of the holiday season.
5 It, heat, hit (Laure Prouvost) This new video for Tate Britain's Art Now Lightbox is a sensory overload, featuring direct address, on-screen text, fast cuts, surround sound, and narrative disruption--all delivered with mischievous humor.
Performing in front of thousands is clearly as terrifying as it is exhilarating, and inhaling the sensory overload of an audience is what Gordon describes as "guzzling.
The finding suggests that a sensory overload state could result from omega-3 deficiency.
It was almost a sensory overload," said Ryan Moore, 23, a student at Ohio State University.
Enjoy too a magical out of this world experience at the state-of-the-art digital planetarium and sheer sensory overload at the Imax experience.
Armleder uses sensory overload to bring attention to art's increasing slide into spectacle, creating department-store displays and over-the-top decorative schemes.
In six chapters, international contributors present recent research and hypotheses on aspects of the psychosis including: deviations in body image viewed from a neurocognitive perspective, pathophysiology; the role and treatment implications of the neurotransmitter glutamate; and the characteristic sensory overload.
One of the challenges a person with Asperger's faces is the problem of sensory overload.
The legendary Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is an electrifying sprawl of sensory overload that requires both a good attitude and a commitment to common sense (although logic and reason should probably tell you not to spend three days outside in the desert in the first place).