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In this photo for instance, there is a fire there but there is so much sensory overload that you are not able to focus on that fire that much.
With the killer combination of the surprise factor, the videos, and the features, Beyonce managed to elicit a sensory overload.
Sensory overload ensued as one killer instrumental after another made you want to dance, groove and form a band straight away.
From 23 August - 8 September North East Foodies can revel in sensory overload at events held across the North East.
Great hotel spas in cities around the world - London Traveling to sprawling, bustling world cities like London and Paris is unquestionably exciting, but even for the most energetic traveler, urban journeys can be sensory overload, reports blogger Jennifer Garcia-Alonso.
She said that although this could be considered advantageous, in most circumstances if the neural response doesn't stop at the right level it could lead to sensory overload.
The new show from the redoubtably dependable Theatr Iolo fell very much into the latter category as the Cardiff-based young persons' company eschewed sensory overload for something altogether simpler.
That's particularly the case for older drivers because the additional feedback can strain the brain's capacity to process it, resulting in sensory overload (not exactly what you want when someone is behind the wheel of a car).
Unfortunately, the multitude of devices with alarms has caused caregivers to experience sensory overload to the point of becoming overwhelmed, confused or misinformed.
AB InBev continues its sensory overload for Stella Cidre with a new ad starring that bloke in the glasses, the embodiment of what nobody in the trade is calling 'newsreader chic'.
The afternoon quickly turned into evening, and many cups of tea later my head was bursting with information and sensory overload.
By implementing similar constraints on their robot, scientists believe it may be possible to overcome the problems of sensory overload that can impede other robotic learning systems.