sensory perception

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Supply of a kit for the diagnosis and therapy of auditory processing disorders including: polymodal sensory perception stimulators and a sensory testing platform
A cat's memory is based on things they have seen before and on their sensory perceptions regarding hearing, smell, taste and touch.
HAIFA, Israel, November 16, 2017 -- Paralyzed rats implanted with engineered tissue containing human stem cells were able to walk independently and regained sensory perception in their hind legs and tail, according to research performed here.
It focuses on key concepts that can be applied in different situations and settings, addressing gastrointestinal elimination, metabolism, gas exchange and oxygenation, skin integrity, cellular regulation, cardiovascular management, sensory perception impairments and disorders, intracranial regulation, genitourinary elimination, mobility, cognition and mental health, immune system disorders, and infection and communicable diseases in childhood, and pathologies and diagnoses unique to children, with information on family education, research, safety, and pharmacology.
"We're not sure if it was genius, serendipity or extra sensory perception," says Beverley Tricker, managing director of Tricker PR.
Thomson, Simon, and Michael Bintley, eds, Sensory Perception in the Medieval West (Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy, 34), Turnhout, Brepols, 2016; hardback; pp.
Inspite of increased awareness regarding conversion disorder, symptoms related to possession and extra sensory perception are equally prevailed here, therefore, the present study can serve the purpose of understanding conversion disorder in cultural context with a revised and up-to-date screening tool.
Pedro Cabiya delivers all of this and more in Wicked Weeds, one gentleman zombie's quest to recapture his lost qualia, that indefinable, internal, sensory perception of self.
Ford Thomson, consultant children's psychiatrist to the Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury group of hospitals, was instructed by a Government minister to find children with abnormally high IQs and the gift of ESP - extra sensory perception: the ability to read minds and move objects at will - and these children were duly found, first in Wolverhampton, then in Liverpool and other cities.
To be able to foresee the future, to have clairvoyance or as it's often referred to: extra sensory perception. There are many definitions and interpretations of extra sensory perception (or ESP), Jahan Nostra's definition may be perceived as a more practical approach.
In other sessions, master of wine Tim Hanni will teach a class about sensory perception of oak among winemakers and consumers, with an emphasis on what winemakers can do to better understand their audience's tastes.