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A boat was sent off to me, and in answer to the questions of the sailors as to how I came to be in such a plight, I replied that I had been shipwrecked two days before, but had managed to scramble ashore with the bales which I pointed out to them.
In a few days we shall be sent off to auction, Tom.
They were laying themselves open to that very phraseand to having it sent off in a letter to Maple Grove by one lady, to Ireland by another.
I grew very uncomfortable, meanwhile; for the afternoon wore fast away, the man whom I had sent off returned from his errand, and I could distinguish, by the shine of the western sun up the valley, a concourse thickening outside Gimmerton chapel porch.
In the meantime, Robin Hood had sent off several of his followers in different directions, as if to reconnoitre the enemy; and when he saw the company effectually broken up, he approached Richard, who was now completely armed, and, kneeling down on one knee, craved pardon of his Sovereign.
My lady the duchess sent off a messenger with thy suit and another present to thy wife Teresa Panza; we expect the answer every moment.
At early dawn on the following day scouts were sent off in every direction, while the main body, after breakfast, proceeded slowly on its course.
The painter was sent off yesterday, and very little will remain of the theatre to-morrow.
Reported fit for home service for a year or two, and so I was sent off to the West Indies.
When I sent off that first sketch I thought I had exhausted the subject, but our editor wrote that he would like something more of the same, so I sent him a marriage, and he took it, and then I tried him with a funeral, and he took it, and really it began to look as if we had him.
In the meantime Del Mar sent off two telegrams to New York, the first to Harris Collins' animal training school, where his troupe of dogs was boarding through his vacation:
He wrote and sent off a brief note excusing himself for that day, and ordered dinner presently in his own rooms at the hotel.