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I'm 69, I've been in the game 37 years, and I've never been sent off for anything as trivial as that.
Why, when a player is sent off, isn't he replaced by a sub and the case against sending off brought to a hearing?
ThenCity had to lower there standards of play and start fouling, resulting in a City player being sent off.
Markovic has been given an extra game on top of the normal threematch ban for violent conduct because he was sent off playing for Benfica in a Europa League match last May.
George wrote: "George Harrison from Everton and Barson of Barnsley were involved in a scuffle and both sent off.
A match, controlled by the unfortunate whistler has been ordered to be replayed after Mr C sent off the wrong identical twin.
HORROR TACKLE Ramires stamps on Karim El Ahmadi and is sent off by referee Chris Foy
Pienaar was sent off for two bookable offences as Moyes' men came from behind to earn a 1-1 draw at the rock-bottom Londoners yesterday.
Under 11s: One charge of spectator misconduct, four of misconduct by linesman or club officials, 17 sent off.
4 Which Manchester United player was sent off in the 1985 FA Cup Final?
Summary: BAKU (Cihan) - A referee officiating a soccer match in Azerbaijan was beaten by players after he sent off a player of the home side.
The winner was sent off 3-1 favourite, and backing Williams' runners blind when they are towards the top of the market is a sound policy.