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Reports suggest the monument has now been sent to Coventry to replace its Lady Godiva statue.
SHELBOURNE star Colin Hawkins was sent to Coventry - for the second time in his career yesterday.
What I would like to know is why they are sent to Coventry.
In 1876 he moved his factory to Meriden, but gas was not available and work had to be sent to Coventry or Birmingham for brazing.
WOLVES boss Mick McCarthy today revealed it was his change of heart which pulled the plug on Freddy Eastwood being sent to Coventry.
And Chelsea's Ashley Cole has been sent to Coventry.
Now I've been sent to Coventry because I refuse to join in their spiteful sniping.
ROBERT Page believes sides hate being sent to Coventry again after hailing the Ricoh Arena effect on his club's revitalised season.
Being sent to Coventry has always, jokingly, been regarded as someone getting the "cold shoulder" and being ignored by their friends and relatives, but in reality it is a positive thing because of the city's numerous opportunities.
Under the plans Birmingham will lose one of its two hydraulic platforms (based at Ward End) and Bournbrook will lose one of its two engines, which will be sent to Coventry with cover provided by Highgate.
Sunderland winger Matt Piper could be sent to Coventry to prove he is finally over his injury problems.
GLASGOW TIGERS have been sent to Coventry - as they bid to become the best college side in Britain.