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We initiated sentinel surveillance on the assumption that nearly all neonates with severe HPeV3 disease would be referred to 1 of the 3 tertiary children's hospitals in NSW.
Guidelines for Assessing the Utility of Data from Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission (PMTCT) Programmes for HIV Sentinel Surveillance Among Pregnant Women.
Strategies which rely on key informants who prospectively document all births and deaths in their communities, have been found to be effective in rural, resource-poor settings, and represent a promising technique where surveys and more costly sentinel surveillance techniques are not feasible or sustainable.
HIV Sentinel Surveillance has shown that48% of intravenous drug users have shared injecting equipment, 11.
The 2008 sentinel surveillance report shows that HIV prevalence has declined but despite this an estimated total number of new infections was 15 700.
Sentinel surveillance system is established in King Abdullah Teaching Hospital Mansehra, DHQH & Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad, DHQH Haripur.
Kumar et al (1) have presented evidence in support of potential use of data emerging from screening of pregnant women at prevention of parent-to-child transmission of HIV centers (PPTCT) in place of the annual HIV sentinel surveillance (HSS) data for determining HIV prevalence trends.
1) Nearly one-quarter of Los Angeles women who were screened for HPV as part of a sentinel surveillance project in 2004-2005 tested positive for at least one high-risk type of the virus.
The Zimbabwe Demographic Health Surveys (ZDHS) and Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment (ZimVAC), as well as the Food and Nutrition Surveillance (FNS) and the IDD Sentinel surveillance are important sources of nutrition information for decision makers.
23%, a rate close to the 1% anticipated from the recent antenatal sentinel surveillance.
Sentinel surveillance is a system in which data is collected from a limited sample of hospitals that are representative of a given area of the country.
New products on display at the airshow included the Airbus A380, the Raytheon ASTOR Sentinel surveillance aircraft, a host of new business jet types and the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.