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Seoul virus is a rodent-borne hantavirus, which has been associated with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, * and has a mortality rate of approximately 1-2% (1).
Geographic distribution of Seoul virus (SEOV) infections among human and rats, France 2016.
Hantaan virus and Dobrava virus typically produce severe disease, whereas Seoul virus produces moderate disease and Puumala virus produces mild disease.
Fannin defended Los Angeles County's spot checks, saying only a small proportion of the rats county officials surveyed most recently had the Seoul virus.
Genetics subtypes and distribution of Seoul virus in Henan.
1) * HTNV, Hantaan virus; RT-PCR, reverse transcription PCR; SEOV, Seoul virus.
The continued emergence of hantaviruses: isolation of a Seoul virus implicated in human disease, United Kingdom, October 2012.
Nevertheless, 4 cases (3 fatal) of human hantavirus infection were reported in 2011 in this region, 2 from Rio Mamore and 2 from Seoul virus (4,5).