Separate Maintenance

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Separate Maintenance

Money paid by one married person to the other for support if they are no longer living as Husband and Wife. Commonly it is referred to as separate support and follows from a court order.

See Alimony.

SEPARATE MAINTENANCE, contracts. An allowance made by a husband to his wife for her separate support and maintenance.
     2. When this allowance is regularly paid, and notice of it has been given, no person who has received such notice will be entitled to recover against the husband for necessaries furnished to the wife, because the liability of the husband, depends on a presumption of authority delegated by him to the wife, which is negatived by the facts of the case. 2 Stark. Ev. 699.

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Decrees of divorce or separate maintenance: This category includes a final decree of divorce or separate maintenance or a written instrument incident to such a decree.
2d 842 (1943) (where wife was served with summons in husband's Pinellas County suit for divorce and custody of parties' children and appeared in husband's suit and secured counsel fees and alimony before husband was served with summons in wife's Polk County suit for separate maintenance and custody of children; circuit court of Pinellas County first exercised jurisdiction within rule that in case of conflict between courts of concurrent jurisdiction, the one first "exercising jurisdiction" acquires control to exclusion of other); Graham v.
Exception: If a divorcing couple is not legally separated under a decree of divorce or separate maintenance, a payment under a written separation agreement, support decree, or other court order may qualify as alimony even if the individuals are members of the same household when the payment is made.
Today, we have separate maintenance crews assigned to the pulp mill, the bleach plant, the powerhouse, etc.
We had eight different phone systems by different vendors with separate maintenance agreements that were not at all integrated or connected.
An individual who, as of the last day of the tax year, is legally separated from a spouse under a decree of divorce or separate maintenance agreement, is not considered married for that entire year for purposes of filing status.
A separate maintenance department still handles certain specialized jobs, such as working on an electrical panel, or major jobs.
Costs for equipment, materials, and speciality contract services associated with major corrective maintenance, where such costs for single items exceed $1,500 but are less than $25,000, are paid for out of a separate maintenance allowance and included in the annual fee.
In addition to the assessment for capital improvements, a separate maintenance assessment was also set in place.
In meat and dairy plants, separate maintenance departments and dedicated personnel in raw and finished product areas further prevents foot traffic and the risk of cross-contamination.
The proposal would have the effect of creating a separately taxable transaction on the performance of warranty repairs where the cost of the warranty was simply part of the original purchase transaction--whether explicitly in a separate maintenance agreement or as part of the price of the goods purchased.
The firms in our sample with separate maintenance departments may simply be understaffing maintenance, or they may have relatively smaller maintenance burdens for reasons we have not considered.